Meet Our Charities
Help us help them.
By registering for the Honour Ride and by asking those close to you to Sponsor a Rider, YOUR support helps ensure that those who protect our communities have OUR support when needed.  Fundraised dollars provide programs and resources to the following charities:   
Calgary Firefighters
Burn Treatment Society
For burn victims, the road to recovery is often long and difficult. The Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society is a registered non-profit organization that is managed and operated by firefighters who volunteer their time raising funds and awareness for the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Centre at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary.

The CFBTS dedicates monies raised to the purchase of new specialized equipment for the burn unit and to support the continuing education of burn treatment staff so that they remain current in new treatment techniques. To learn more about the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society or to donate, please visit their website at:

Constable John Petropoulos passed away in the line of duty. John was investigating a break and enter complaint when he stepped through a false ceiling, fell nine feet into the lunchroom below and succumbed to brain injuries. There was no safety railing to warn him of the danger.  After his death, several of John’s recruit classmates set up the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund.


Our safety initiatives offer people tangible tips they can implement in their workplaces and on the roads to help ensure emergency responders make it home safely to their families after every shift. We strive to eliminate preventable workplace fatalities and injuries to emergency responders by educating the public about its role in helping to keep these essential workers safe on the job.

To learn more about the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund or to donate, please visit their website at:


Created in 1991, the Calgary Military Family Resource Centre is a charitable organization that understands and appreciates the unique challenges that make being in the military an occupation different from any other.  A military lifestyle is often a juggling act and a family can be separated for extended periods of time.  CMRC supports families of CAF members within our service area of Southern Alberta.

Services include deployment information and support, Keep In Touch (KIT) phone calls, care package creation, peer support and free respite childcare; prevention, support and intervention, personal development workshops, family separation and reunification support, counselling, as well as child and youth programs.  To learn more about the CMRC or to donate, please visit their website at: